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Whatever Is Nonviolently Necessary

Introducing the global A22 Network:

The Declare Emergency campaign is a part of a global effort known as the A22 Network. Along with us here in the United States, cities across Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, France, and Norway will see an unprecedented level of nonviolent disruption to halt the climate and ecological emergency. These multiracial, multigenerational, and cross-class groups of ordinary people will go as far as it takes nonviolently to achieve this. Our sister campaigns include:


Dernière Rénovation (France)

Fireproof (Australia)

Just Stop Oil  (UK)

Letzte Generation (Germany)

Renovate (Switzerland)

Save Old Growth (Canada)

Stopp Oljeletinga! (Norway)

Ultima Generazione (Italy)

Återställ Våtmarker (Sweden)

Restore Passenger Rail (New Zealand)

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