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13 supporters of Declare Emergency were arrested yesterday blocking the Beltway around Washington D.C. for over 1 1/2 hours. We empathize with all who are disrupted by these actions. If there were another way to get rapid change on the climate catastrophe, we would do that instead. But nothing else has worked.

Monica, a soon-to-be mother, sat on the road and was arrested. She says: “I am afraid of doing this, of blocking traffic. But I’m more afraid of what will happen if we do nothing.”

Recently, President Biden announced they would expand oil drilling on Federal lands, as millions are starving and dying from heat exhaustion across the globe due to runaway heating. We are on the brink of societal collapse, and we do not want our children and the children of the drivers whose lives we disrupted, to endure the excruciating horror which is coming down the line.

Unless ordinary people like yourself, reading this now, decide to step into your courage and take drastic action, we will fail and will lose all that we love. Humans around the world in country after country, are doing just that. At this moment in history, to what do we owe our deepest loyalty?

Join us. Fight genocide. Sign up today.

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