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Dernière Rénovation interrupts the Tour de France at the 10th stage:

On July 12, 2022, 9 citizens supporting Dernière Rénovation interrupted the 10th stage of the Tour de France between Morzine and Megève at Magland, to stop the crazy race towards the destruction of our society.

We can no longer remain spectators of the ongoing climate disaster. We have 989 days left to save our future, our humanity.

The finish line is a ravine and we accuse our government and in particular the President of the Republic of condemning us to death. The effects of announcement, the pitiful effects of language on the alleged ecological "revolution" of the government are intolerable and criminal. It is necessary to change policy, and to start -immediately- with the global energy renovation of buildings.

The Tour de France was disrupted for 17 minutes and the race was stopped for more than 15 minutes.

Alice and three other citizens had a "We have 989 days left" t-shirt and a link - - echoing Alizée's action at Roland Garros on June 3rd. Dernière Rénovation's sports disruption actions are part of an international Civil Resistance movement, the A22 Network.

"I'd rather not get to that point. I'd rather be with my family, sitting on my couch watching the Tour de France, while the government does its job. But that's not the reality.

"The reality is that the world towards which politicians are sending us is a world in which the Tour de France will no longer exist. In this world, we will be busy fighting to feed ourselves and to save our families. Under these conditions we will face wars and mass famines. We must act and enter into civil resistance today to save what remains to be saved.

"What do you expect me to do? Stand by the side of the road and watch my life go by as I watch the cyclists go by? No, I have decided to act and interfere to avoid the worst episode of suffering and create a new world. Because everything can still change.

Alice, 32 years old.

Press contact

Franck Deyris

Téléphone : 01 73 31 86 01

Mail :

Notes to journalists

Dernière Rénovation

Dernière Rénovation is a civil resistance campaign that aims to achieve a political victory on energy retrofitting, via nonviolent disruptive actions repeated over time. 8 highway blockades have taken place since April 1, leading to over 80 arrests.

Our goal is to force legislation to drastically lower France's emissions, starting with energy renovation, the area most likely to converge social and climate justice today.

Our request is simple: the government must immediately commit to ensuring the comprehensive and efficient renovation of the French housing stock by 2040 and to developing a simple and progressive financing system that covers the entire cost of the work for the most modest owners.

Faced with the current ecological disaster, we wish to demonstrate that it is possible for citizens around the world to impose on their governments the political agenda that we desperately need.

This is our last chance to avoid the probability of the worst; and to inspire massive popular uprisings in the next few years before the fate of the next 1000 generations of humans is sealed forever.

The A22 Network

Under the name of the A22 Network of Civil Resistance, projects similar to the Last Renovation exist in 10 countries. Through non-violent means such as hunger strikes, road and infrastructure blockades, and disruption of sporting events, they are demanding that their respective governments stop the criminal destruction of our generation and implement immediate measures to halt the climate catastrophe and prevent the collapse of our society.

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